Ana Rivera, Lauren Barranco, Tiffany GonzalezAna Rivera, Lauren Barranco, Tiffany Gonzalez

The World of  PR …

PR is all around us! It’s everything you see on TV, Magazines, Newspapers, Social Media Outlets, and Blogs. We blog about our daily work life from events we attend/host, clients success, and or anything that catches our attention. We are often exposed to things from the “Behind The Scenes” prospective and thats exactly what we blog about.
My name is Ana Rivera, I am the owner of Identity Media Co a full service Public Relations, Event Production, and Marketing Firm. At Identity Media Co, we have a great team composed of talented individuals: Tiffany Gonzalez, Jeannette Diaz, and Lauren Barranco. We will be blogging the latest happenings, client success, & letting you into “Our Little Secrets” of the trade.

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