Founder & CEO

Ana Rivera, a young professional and business owner, has acquired the esteemed reputation as a PR expert over the past decade. She founded Identity Media in 2008 and over the years it has flourished into a well-established firm driving its success from an unparalleled knowledge of the media. In the last decade, she has taken her start-up venture from an ambitious PR firm with two loyal and committed clients to a full-service powerhouse, offering not only public relations expertise but also event pre- and post-planning, social media marketing and management, brand management, market research for commercials, case studies for brands, and more. Working with clients that range from mom-and-pop businesses to well established brands like Apple, Dominos, Ford, Deep Eddy Vodka, and Redbull, Identity Media has established quite a name for itself.

Rivera’s commitment to growing the South Florida lifestyle industry has made her stand out exponentially as a young leader and named as Brickell Magazine’s prestigious “20 under 40” list, this list encompasses the next generation of movers and shakers. She was also awarded “Jack Daniels Turn07” in 2018, an award given to a select few nationwide by Brown Foreman. Giving back to the community is dear to her heart and she was recognized by The Coral Gables Newspaper as a “Gables Great” for her philanthropic work with the Jr. Orange Bowl.


Co-Founder & COO

Deanna Loew is an award-winning publicist and marketing expert with over 5 years of experience. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Rollins College, she began her career in the corporate world with Edelman, serving local, national, and multi-national clients. While at Edelman, she worked on campaigns in a wide variety of industries, while focusing on retail, theme parks, culinary, and hospitality. Among her accomplishments are several social media campaigns created for international clients that have garnered upwards of 50 million impressions. A natural born leader and with a passion for the PR industry, she has always gravitated towards social media and search engine optimization. As such, her career has been focused on identifying media trends and applying them to client opportunities, garnering massive amounts of engagement via media impressions and social media alike.

Early on in her career Loew’s campaign was awarded the Gold Medal at the Florida Public Relations Association’s Golden Image Awards for a complete brand overhaul of a food delivery service in Central Florida. After working for several organizations in the Orlando area, the opportunity arose to co-found Identity PR Orlando, where she will help impact the growth of a city she calls her home.


Ana Rivera and Deanna Loew have come together to bring Identity to Orlando, FL, a booming city with many stories to share. Rivera and Loew, both passionate to shine light on The City of Beautiful’s culture, launched Identity PR Orlando Fall of 2018.

The PR agency is set to incorporate new-age media strategies with traditional campaign creativity to entice various demographics, giving business owners all the benefits of corporate PR with a boutique agency feel. Identity PR Orlando takes pride in tailoring campaigns to fit their clients’ budget and goals.